A Perfect Storm: Juvenile Offenders with PTSD Far More Likely to Fall Prey to Addiction

Most experts agree that addiction is “complex disorder” – the development of which is influenced by neuroscience, our environment (including family and social dynamics), and our experiences of the world around us, good or bad. And we have written here … Continue reading

The ‘Hidden Costs’ of Heavy Drinking: Problem Youth Drinking Can Leave Lasting Scars

With the heightened level of attention being paid to rising addiction rates and overdoses in the last year or so, most of us have become keenly aware of the most severe and immediate dangers of substance abuse these days. Now … Continue reading

Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction: A Call to Action for the Challenge of Our Time

The sense that substance abuse and addiction issues have reached a bell weather moment in our culture is neither new, nor imagined. For the better part of this year, we have been chronicling a steady, unprecedented recent rise in addiction … Continue reading

A “High” Correlation: Alcohol and Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Risks for Schizophrenia

Individuals who drink excessively or abuse marijuana and other substances may be “messing with their heads” in ways they don’t at all intend.  The question of whether drug abuse increases the risk of developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses has … Continue reading

I Saw it on TV: New Study Reveals Strong Link Between Ad Exposure and Teen Drinking

Most parents would like to think they are raising children who are not only able to make healthy decisions, but who can exercise some real independent thinking and scrutiny when it comes to media and advertising messages. Many of us … Continue reading

‘Waiting to Exhale’: Heroin Laced with Elephant Tranquilizer Pushing Human Limits, Responder Resources Part 2

So, the same question that we raised in a previous post about fentanyl naturally arises. Namely, why is a drug so incredibly lethal being used in recreational street drugs at all? It’s generally believed that the synthetic opiates are being … Continue reading

‘Waiting to Exhale’: Heroin Laced with Elephant Tranquilizer Pushing Human Limits,Response Resources Part 1

If you haven’t been following the latest storyline – and it hasn’t been developing for all that long now – you might very well think you misread the headline: 174 Overdoses in 6 days in Cincinnati.  One-hundred-and-seventy-four…in just short of … Continue reading

Sweet Little Lies: New Evidence of Sugar Industry’s Unsavory Influence on Dietary Guidelines

Since it was first published in the 1980s, the Department of Health and Human Services-sponsored “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”, has been widely consulted by consumers as an authoritative and unbiased “go-to source for nutrition advice.”  Yet, while many scholarly studies … Continue reading

National Recovery Month 2016: Celebrating Life-Saving Change That Happens Each Day

Thus far in 2016, perhaps more than any year in recent memory, we have seen profound changes in the extent to which addiction has been recognized as a disease that has devastating impacts and national significance. Presidential candidates have shared … Continue reading

A High Price to Pay for Pills that Promise ‘Focus’: Long-term Fallout from ADHD Drugs

A host of concerns and scholarship have surrounded the increased use – or abuse, as the case may be – of ADHD drugs like Adderall and Ritalin over the last several years. Some have centered squarely on the potential for … Continue reading