America, We Have a Problem: How Fentanyl is Changing the Landscape of the Opiate Crisis

When music legend Prince Rogers Nelson’s death this spring was officially attributed to an overdose on fentanyl, it represented another instance in which broad public attention to a growing problem – particularly as it relates to substance abuse and addiction– … Continue reading

Boozing and Brain Function: New Concerns about Alcohol Related Brain Damage

While full-blown “wet brain” – the rather crude layman’s term once commonly used to describe significant cognitive impairment associated with chronic alcohol abuse – is now relatively uncommon in the U.S., health professionals warn that regular, heightened alcohol use is … Continue reading

A Step Back from the Edge? Study Shows Drug Monitoring Curbs Opiate Prescribing

When it comes to the battle to curtail what has been a continuing, and nation-wide, struggle with opiate and prescription drug abuse, most are ready for some good news. And, while it can’t roll back the clock on damage done … Continue reading

With Increasing Demand Come New Restrictions on Sober Living Facilities

A short while back, we posted a piece praising an episode of the Meredith Viera show that, we felt, was an unusually fair and optimistic media portrait of real people in long-term recovery and how they got there. At the … Continue reading

New ADHD Drug Tastes Like Candy, Causes Concerns

A new chewable, candy flavored drug to help address attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children might seem totally appropriate in some ways – even an audience-savvy marketing boon. Judging by their press release, that’s clearly how the pharmaceutical … Continue reading

What about the White Stuff? Cocaine Use in U.S. Down by Half

  With all of the attention being paid to the opiate crisis crippling the U.S., it’s easy to have missed what  has amounted to a seismic shift away from one of the most ubiquitous drugs of choice and abuse throughout … Continue reading

The Not So “Sweet” Side of Excess Sugar Consumption

Excess Sugar Consumption: Drug-like Cravings and Response Most of us know by now that too much sugar in our diets is bad for us. But often that knowledge alone doesn’t do much to diminish our proverbial “sweet tooth.”  We may … Continue reading

New Alliance Addressing Powerful Link between Depression and Addiction

As Mental Health Month continues to unfold throughout May, many organizations are taking much-needed action to better address the deeply connected issues of mental health and addiction. We are thrilled to see these organizations taking action, and have posted previously … Continue reading

When Does Coping Go Self-Destructive? Trauma and the Pattern of Addiction: Part 2

    Read the first part here: When Does Coping Go Self-Destructive? Trauma and the Pattern of Addiction     What is the Nature of the Connection? Trauma is often defined as an intense stressor that causes physical or emotional … Continue reading

When Does Coping Go Self-Destructive? Trauma and the Pattern of Addiction: Part 1

When Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobby Kristina Brown, was found unresponsive in a bathtub last year due to complications from an apparent drug overdose, she chillingly recreated – almost to a “T” – the last scene in her mother’s often troubled life. … Continue reading