A Message from Our Founder

From Personal Victory to Mission

It all began after I completed a traditional 30-day treatment addiction center. For the next five years I suffered severe mood swings, experienced problems on the job, and even questioned the value of sobriety. I knew there was something missing in my recovery “toolbox.” After conducting my own research, I concluded that an integrative approach to addictions treatment was the missing component. This approach recognizes that addiction is primarily a disease of the brain. It requires rebalancing of brain chemistry and treating the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

I am on the other side of the addiction equation now and have been in recovery for over 30 years. A “poster child” for the integrative approach, I wholeheartedly believe that given the right tools, an alcoholic/addict can experience long-term recovery without having to “hit bottom.”

Stanley Stokes Stan

I have firsthand knowledge of the familiar – and sometimes fatal – cycle of failure: treatment, relapse, back to treatment. That insanity is no longer my life. I found my recovery tools and have been clean and sober ever since!

I have been an addictions counselor for over 30 years and have observed first-hand the alarmingly high relapse rates. BTG was founded out of a desire to address these high relapse rates! Based on what I experienced with my own recovery, combined with additional research which included personal contact with several addiction professionals who had authored books on the integrative treatment approach, my mission became clear – put together a treatment facility that would “bridge the gaps” between traditional treatment approaches and alternative therapies – and treat the whole person.