Management Team

Pam Reiman, JD, LCSW, CADC, CSAC

Executive Director

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Pam ReimanHaving experienced a spiritual awakening in the midst of her career as an attorney, Pam made a mid-life course correction and joined the clinical treatment team at BTG. Since beginning at BTG in 2006, Pam has held a variety of positions, starting as an intern and culminating in her present position as Executive Director.

From both a personal and professional perspective, Pam believes passionately in the unique integrative approach to substance abuse treatment offered by BTG. Within the organization, she is responsible for ensuring that each client receives the highest quality of individualized care. She strives to foster a cooperative interdisciplinary team spirit amongst the clinical, medical, and residential staff in order to ensure the provision of a seamless range of comprehensive client services.

Pam brings to her position an exuberance that comes from the joy she receives in working with both the clients and the staff in their joint mission to overcome the ravages of addiction and realize the goal of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Denise Reaves, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Denise ReavesDenise joined the staff of BTG in 2011 after working for eleven years in the area of community substance abuse prevention and early intervention. She has a passionate belief in healing through natural and integrative approaches, which has been influential in her own personal journey. She brings to the clinical team her enthusiasm for experiential learning to facilitate personal growth.

Denise supports clients in identifying and resolving core issues associated with their addiction by providing Phase II Education, Expressive Therapy, Group Therapy, Phase II & III Retreats, and individual counseling. Denise draws from her knowledge and experience, empowering clients to achieve lasting and ongoing change through the practice of recovery and the development of relapse prevention skills.

Sue Dennis

Admissions Coordinator

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Sue DennisSue has been with BTG almost since its inception. She joined our treatment team after more than 20 years in the medical field. As Admissions Coordinator, Sue is usually the first point of contact for potential clients and their families.

From the initial screening on the phone to navigation through the admissions process, she interacts with clients and their families with an empathic understanding of the disease of addiction.

Sue also lends her expertise to the clinical team, offering support with day-to-day client activities and appointments; helping with administrative duties; and serving as one of the organization’s liaisons.

Clinical Staff

Bryon Powell, MS, LPC, CAADC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Bryon started with BTG in 2011 as clinical intern. Although completing his residency for licensure at another facility, Bryon’s belief in the integrative approach at BTG kept him connected by serving as the Continuing Care Counselor. When the prospect to become a full time clinical staff member arose, Bryon eagerly seized the opportunity.

Bryon has a diverse personal and professional background which he draws upon when working with clients. Bryon’s professional interest resides with the relationship between trauma and addictions. Bryon currently provides Phase I and Continuing Care services.

Chris White, BS

Substance Abuse Counselor

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Chris WhiteAs a substance abuse counselor, Chris White brings an enhanced dimension of care to BTG clients by combining his counseling skills with real life experience. His diverse background provides context for his client in navigating the potential obstacles, as well as the new found blessings and freedoms of sober living. Chris began with BTG in June of 2014 as a residential staff member then became assistant manager of that department before transitioning to the clinical team. His previous experience also includes years of helping alcoholics in recovery as well as serving on the board of directors of the Lord Fairfax Council on Alcoholism.

Chris obtained a multidisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy from Appalachian State University and is currently working toward becoming credentialed as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. He is an accomplished musician and avid backpacker. Chris is excited to be of service to others by sharing the gifts of recovery through the integrated approach of BTG that he incorporates in his own life.

Medical Staff

Steve Sutton, MD

Attending Physician

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Steve Sutton MD Physician DoctorSteve has been practicing medicine in Virginia since 2004 and has been a part of the BTG medical team since 2010. He is a Board Certified surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine with primary interests in Functional Medicine and Nutrition. In addition, he is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with an emphasis on Sports Nutrition.

During the course of his medical career, Steve became increasingly dissatisfied with the emphasis of today’s medical care on “illness care” rather than on health care. He believes in a truly integrative approach, taking the best of both traditional and complimentary practices, in an attempt to help the patient reach the goal of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. He has found this approach to be extremely effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction, enabling a healthy life in recovery.

Sue Swimley, RN


Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Sue SwimleySue has been a registered nurse for 43 years. Her experience includes 6 years of Psychiatric Nursing, and 19 years as a float nurse working in Med-Surgical, Medical & Cardiac ICU, Oncology, Geriatric, and Drug & Alcohol Detox at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinsburg, WV. In addition, Sue spent 6 years as a Home Health Nurse and 6 years in Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation nursing. She has also volunteered as a Shock Trauma Technician for 22 years at her local Fire Department.

Sue is starting her 6th year as a Nurse for BTG, administering IV therapy, assisting the patients medically, and working with the attending physician. She also provides Certified Medication classes, as established by the State of Virginia, for BTG’s residential staff. She appreciates the opportunity to be involved in providing an effective service to those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Susie Crabill, RN


Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Susie Crabill RN NurseSusie received her registered nurse license in 1981.  She worked Medical-Surgical for 1 year then transferred to Peri-Operative (operating room) nursing for 13 years.  She then went to Pre-Operative nursing for 5 years, OB-GYN clinic for 5 years, and Chronic Care (ventilator-dependent) long-term care for 5 years.  Now working with clients at BTG, she enjoys seeing the increased health and wellness of the clients on their road to recovery.

Ancillary Staff

Joni St. John

Residential Manager

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Joni St. JohnJoni joined the residential staff of BTG in 2011. She came on board because of her dedication to assisting addicts on their path to recovery. Joni believes in, and has experienced firsthand, BTG’s integrative approach to substance abuse treatment.

In January 2012, Joni moved up to the position of Residential Manager, bringing to BTG over 25 years of administrative experience. She works closely with the residential staff to provide a safe and healthful environment for BTG’s clients as they work toward their recovery. Joni is committed to ensuring that all policies and procedures are properly implemented by her team. She conducts training for all new employees, serves as a point of contact for new clients, and assists the clinical team with their orientation.

On a day-to-day basis, Joni serves as a liaison between the clinical and residential staff, monitoring client schedules and appointments, ensuring that all needs are properly addressed in keeping with the BTG treatment philosophy as well as the goals for each client.

Becca Wetzel, BA

Food and Nutrition Coordinator

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Becca WetzelBecca is the Food & Nutrition Coordinator for BTG. She joined the team in September 2011 and found that BTG’s integrative healing model aligned well with her own belief system.

Becca is pleased to bring her passion for fresh, local, organic ingredients to the nutrition program at BTG. She enjoys organizing menus, preparing food, hand selecting the best quality items, and working with her team to bring consistent, nutritious, and satisfying meals to the clients every day. She loves sharing with the clients how a good wholesome diet can be a part of their foundation for good health and recovery.

BTG’s integrated health and nutrition programs blend perfectly with Becca’s belief in a wholesome diet for an integrative approach to nutrition.

Barbara Carpenter

Facilities Manager

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Barbera CarpenderBarbara has been with BTG since 2005 and initially came onboard because of her passion to assist addicts in their recovery. She has a wealth of managerial experience in the food and beverage industry, in catering, and in residential facilities for mentally challenged adults. Barbara is a graduate of Kaplan College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Barbara oversees facility operations to ensure that BTG’s office and client houses are kept in good mechanical working order as well as aesthetically welcoming to visitors and comfortably pleasing to clients.

Molly Hash


Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Staff Molly HashMolly joined BTG in September 2013 as the receptionist. Her position allows her to utilize her organizational skills to keep the front office running smoothly. Molly has great compassion for others, which only radiates more at BTG.

Molly enjoys being able to assist clients in various ways on their road to recovery.

Staff Not Pictured

Marcus Snyder, MSJ

Marketing Communications 

Krista Youtz

Neurofeedback Coordinator

Lizzi Watts, BA

Case Manager

Patty Helsley

Residential Staff

Danielle Hoke, BS

Residential Staff

Paul Brown

Residential Staff

Melissa Mancuso, BA

Residential Staff

Justin Stowers

Residential Staff

Olivia Kissi

Residential Staff

Nicola Williams

Cooking Staff

Janice Williams, CMT

Massage and Reiki Therapist