Intensive Outpatient

behaviors related to substance useBTG recognizes that different people require different options for care. Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program is part of an ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, cost effective, and comprehensive services designed to meet a range of client needs. IOP provides structured, supportive treatment for individuals whose needs and circumstances may allow them to realize positive outcomes in a more flexible, non-residential setting.

The IOP program consists of a range of therapeutic sessions that provide opportunities to explore issues and behaviors related to substance use, while allowing individuals to continue living at home and working in the community. This non-residential structure provides a number of advantages to individuals and their families. IOP allows individuals to receive proven treatment modalities and personalized support in their own community with minimal disruption to everyday life. It also provides a rigorous and targeted substance abuse program at a lower cost than residential treatment models. IOP offers individuals a chance to confront their addictions while being fully assimilated in their normal living environment, affording family members and/or loved ones the opportunity to serve as more active participants and supports in the process.

BTG delivers IOP services in four sequential levels, with the level of care and programmatic intensity lessening as a client progresses. In the initial stages of the program, clients can typically expect to participate in multiple sessions lasting a total of fifteen hours per week, with the frequency and duration of scheduled sessions diminishing as clients meet key goals. As services taper in intensity, clients assume increasing responsibility for their own routines and practices and are subject to less structure and supervision from treatment staff. The intensity of services is designed to increase if a client’s lack of progress indicates the need. The sequenced structure is intended to motivate clients, help them succeed in reaching key treatment milestones, and provide incentive for growth towards independence and success in recovery. Breathalyzer measurements are taken at the beginning of each treatment day and urine screens are used as therapeutic tools for tailoring individualized treatment and to foster accountability and program compliance.

Following a comprehensive, personalized assessment, all IOP clients receive:

  • individual and group therapy sessions,
  • psychoeducation,
  • living skills coursework,
  • acupuncture detoxification,
  • oral nutrients, and
  • nutritional education.

As part of BTG’s integrative approach to supporting physiological healing, individuals may choose to receive neurofeedback, intravenous therapy, and family counseling and education for an additional fee.

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