Partial Hospitalization

ThinkstockPhotos-178588924BTG is committed to helping all individuals who suffer from substance use disorders find the treatment services that they deserve. Our Partial Hospitalization (PHP) program (commonly referred to as day
treatment) reflects our commitment to a full continuum of care and offers a rigorous option for individuals whose needs and circumstances make them candidates for a non-residential program.

Day treatment allows individuals to receive quality, targeted substance abuse treatment in their own community with minimal disruption to everyday life. By combining intensive, structured sessions and individualized attention with live-at-home flexibility, day treatment effectively addresses key issues and barriers to recovery at a lower cost than residential treatment. Day treatment offers individuals a chance to confront their addictions within their normal living environment, thus affording family members and/or loved ones the opportunity to serve as more active, engaged participants in the process.

Clients in day treatment participate in a scheduled treatment approach with assigned work that is tailored to meet their individual needs. With an eye toward a client’s previous treatment experiences and exposure to key recovery concepts, all efforts are made to provide a curriculum that is new and challenging. In addition to a focus on client work around critical substance abuse issues and individualized growth, an important goal of day treatment is educating the family about the client’s needs and involving them in relapse prevention or relapse response planning. Recovery is a lifelong process, and successful treatment planning must focus on a recovery plan that anticipates future needs and challenges that the individual will face following discharge.

Upon meeting identified day treatment goals, a client has the opportunity to transition to a less intensive level of continuing care. As services taper in intensity, clients assume increasing responsibility for their own sober routines and practices. Conversely, the day treatment program offers the flexibility to increase intensity of services if a client’s lack of progress indicates such a need. Breathalyzer measurements are taken at the beginning of each treatment day and drug and alcohol screenings are also used to ensure accountability and program compliance.

Following a comprehensive, personalized assessment, all day treatment clients receive:

  • individual and group therapy sessions,
  • psychoeducation,
  • family counseling and education,
  • living skills coursework,
  • acupuncture detoxification,
  • oral nutrients,
  • fitness, and
  • nutritional education.

As part of BTG’s integrative approach to supporting physiological healing, individuals may choose to receive neurofeedback and intravenous therapy for an additional fee.

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