More Baby Boomers are Boozing, Especially Women

Whether it’s another couple glasses of wine with dinner, a few more cocktails at social functions or get-togethers, or another nip or two to go to sleep at night, aging Americans have been drinking more  – and older women are … Continue reading

Family Support and Balance in Recovery: Tips and Takeaways from Dr. Steve Sutton

By Becca Wetzel In the final installment in our interview series with Dr. Steve Sutton, we examine the role of the family in sobriety, and how one can cultivate health and fun in recovery. Dr. Sutton leads Bridging the Gap’s … Continue reading

Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction: A Call to Action for the Challenge of Our Time

The sense that substance abuse and addiction issues have reached a bell weather moment in our culture is neither new, nor imagined. For the better part of this year, we have been chronicling a steady, unprecedented recent rise in addiction … Continue reading

The Notion of a ‘Safe’ Drug up in Smoke? Marijuana Smokers 5 Times More Likely to Abuse Alcohol

One of the key arguments forwarded by proponents of marijuana (and, particularly, its legalization) has been the claim that pot is, on the whole, not harmful …to self or society.  As we noted on this blog earlier in the year, … Continue reading

Boozing and Brain Function: New Concerns about Alcohol Related Brain Damage

While full-blown “wet brain” – the rather crude layman’s term once commonly used to describe significant cognitive impairment associated with chronic alcohol abuse – is now relatively uncommon in the U.S., health professionals warn that regular, heightened alcohol use is … Continue reading

Alcohol and Energy Drinks: Revisiting a Dangerous Combination

While premixed Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages (CABs) like Torque, Four Loko, Joose, and Sparks have either been removed from shelves in the U.S. or have changed their formulas to exclude caffeine, combining alcohol with highly stimulating energy drinks continues to be a … Continue reading

Underage and Binge Drinking Continues to Decline

Alcohol consumption and binge drinking among teens have continued to decrease in recent years and are at their lowest levels since data started to be collected in 1975. In the most recent Monitoring the Future Study, conducted jointly by the … Continue reading