Teen Marijuana Use Linked to Other Illegal Drug Abuse

There has been much debate in recent years as to whether or not marijuana is a “gateway” drug – a drug that paves the way to the use of alcohol and other addictive substances. And, as marijuana continues to be … Continue reading

A “High” Correlation: Alcohol and Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Risks for Schizophrenia

Individuals who drink excessively or abuse marijuana and other substances may be “messing with their heads” in ways they don’t at all intend.  The question of whether drug abuse increases the risk of developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses has … Continue reading

The Notion of a ‘Safe’ Drug up in Smoke? Marijuana Smokers 5 Times More Likely to Abuse Alcohol

One of the key arguments forwarded by proponents of marijuana (and, particularly, its legalization) has been the claim that pot is, on the whole, not harmful …to self or society.  As we noted on this blog earlier in the year, … Continue reading

Early Studies on Marijuana Legalization Raise Concerns (Part 2)

Without a doubt, a polarizing debate has emerged on legalization – and open debate is to be valued. But so are facts. An important grounding fact in this case is that no definitive longer-term study of the societal and health … Continue reading

Early Studies on Marijuana Legalization Raise Concerns (Part 1)

Less than two years after recreational marijuana sales and use became legal in any U.S. state, groups on both sides of the “Marijuana Legalization” issue are eager to draw conclusions and influence the direction of future decisions. Just a week … Continue reading