Expanding Healthy Food Horizons: New Veggies, Textures and Flavors that Take Normal Up a Notch

A key goal of Bridging the Gaps’ nutritional program is to meet clients where they are while encouraging them to begin incorporating healthier foods and healthier habits into their daily routines. This is a great way for any of us … Continue reading

Family Support and Balance in Recovery: Tips and Takeaways from Dr. Steve Sutton

By Becca Wetzel In the final installment in our interview series with Dr. Steve Sutton, we examine the role of the family in sobriety, and how one can cultivate health and fun in recovery. Dr. Sutton leads Bridging the Gap’s … Continue reading

The Road Less Traveled: A Physician’s Perspective on Personal Growth, Willingness, and Finding a New Path Forward

By Becca Wetzel As part of our continuing conversation with Dr. Steve Sutton, we discuss how Dr. Sutton’s own path in recovery led him to Bridging the Gaps and spurred a lifelong interest in an integrated approach to addiction medicine. … Continue reading

Key Ingredients to Inspire Healthy Eating: Embracing the Moment and Taking Ownership

by Becca Wetzel At Bridging the Gaps, we have long believed in the transformative power of whole foods and healthy eating. But we have noticed a break in the chain where translating important ideas and concepts about a healthy diet … Continue reading

Establishing New Habits in Recovery: The Paper Clip Strategy (Pt. 2)

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Establishing New Habits in Recovery: The Paper Clip Strategy (Pt. 1)

Habits can be hard to break, and that can be a good thing…if they’re the right kinds of habits. Good habits can be affirming and set a positive tone, bad habits can be self-sabotaging and sink the ship. In early recovery, there … Continue reading