Continuing Care

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Fitness Exercise Personal TrainerClients engaged in our continuing care program receive ongoing support and case management to complete the treatment experience.  The program consists of a 90 minute group session held once a week.

The structure of each group session is based on a weekly check in with regards to issues impacting recovery.  Each client is asked to triage their issues so as to ensure that the client with the most pressing problems receives sufficient group time.

Clients enrolled in continuing care are also provided with the opportunity to have individual sessions with counselors on the clinical team.  Most often, the continuing care clients maintain significant rapport with their primary counselors and these sessions are offered to enhance the recovery process and proactively address any relapse issues.

continuing care for Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment 12-Step 12 StepClients attending continuing care are asked to sign a contract that identifies the expectations that members of the program will attend 44 of the weekly group therapy sessions over the course of a yearlong period.  In addition, clients are expected to attend a minimum of three Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous 12 step meetings and work with a sponsor.  Breathalyzer measurements are taken at check in prior to each session.  Drug and alcohol screenings are utilized on a random, and as warranted, basis.