Food and Nutrition

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment NutritionAt BTG, the food and nutrition program is centered on supporting the client’s recovery. We focus on developing a healthy relationship with food that will give clients a good foundation to build their health in recovery. This is important because not eating well can lead to not feeling well which can lead to craving alcohol and/or drugs. We start with the fundamentals of nutrition and raising awareness of the importance of proper nutrition by answering questions such as: How do I feel when I nourish myself for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What nourishing practices can I incorporate into my lifestyle that contributes to a sense of wellness, facilitating my ability to stay present and focused on continued quality sobriety? How do I plan daily meals and navigate the grocery store?

We focus on eating as many whole and minimally processed foods as possible. The goal is to help clients experience food in an enjoyable way they can then duplicate on their own. A plethora of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, prepared in a variety of ways, help us accomplish this goal. Clients are educated on the importance of healthy protein in a well-balanced diet. Clients learn about protein’s role in healing the body, its impact on metabolic rate, and its ability to stabilize energy levels throughout the day. Additionally, clients gain valuable cooking skills as they are involved in preparation of evening meals while in residence.

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment NutritionWhat is included in a client’s diet is just as important as what is excluded. The amount of added sugar is limited to 30 grams per day. The goal is to reduce the stimulating effect of sugar on the body allowing clients to experience what it feels like to be more peaceful as a result. Similarly, we do not allow caffeine or chocolate.

We work to create a food experience that is safe, nourishing, and satisfying, helping clients understand how to nourish themselves to support wellbeing in recovery. The goal is to design experiences that inspire creativity and integration of proper nutrition in everyday life in addition to raising the overall level of awareness of the importance of appropriate nutrition to sustained quality sobriety.