Phase IV

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Nutrition clean and healthy livingUpon completing Phase III, clients have the option of transitioning to Phase IV of our treatment continuum, clean and healthy living.  Phase IV, the final transitional phase, provides the client with the opportunity to remain in the sober residence, begin employment or school, attend our continuing care program, receive a weekly individual session with the client’s primary care counselor, and participate in the weekly peer encounter session.  Each of these components of the Phase IV program is required of a Phase IV client.

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment Massage clean and healthy livingPhase IV clients are also required to attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous/ Narcotics Anonymous 12 step meetings, have and be actively working with a sponsor, maintain a clean and healthy living environment, and comply with house rules and procedures.  Phase IV clients continue to be subject to urinalysis and Breathalyzer measurements.  Upon beginning and maintaining employment of a minimum of 25 hours per week, curfew restrictions are lifted although the client is still required to remain accountable for their whereabouts to their peers.

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