🎵Music and Recovery 🎵

There is something about music that allows people to connect. They are able to connect to the lyrics, the rhythm, the artists. Music supports emotions and can provide a creative and positive space for individuals to experience life. Music and recovery can dance together wonderfully when united.

We have compiled a list of songs have recovery in mind, but also are aimed at spreading positivity and building strength. Take a listen!

 1. Live Like a Warrior -Matistisyahu

2. Strength Courage and Wisdom – India Arie

3. Say- John Mayer

4. If you want love- NF

5. The Voyage Amanda Cook

6. Brave- Sara Barellis

7. The Heart of Life- John Mayer

8. All I See- Jaisua

9. The Space Between- Son Ship

10. Happy- Pharrell Williams

11. No Longer My Home- Son Ship

 12. One Foot- Walk the Moon

13. Recover- Natasha Bedingfield

14. High Hopes- Panic! At The Disco

15. One Day at a Time – Joe Walsh

16. Young Homie- Chris Rene

17. Dare You to Move- Switchfoot

18. I’ll Find You- Tori Kelly

19. I can see clearly now- Johnny Nash

20. Recovery- James Arthur

Health and Music

Music therapy is defined by the American Psychological Association as “evidence based use of music in clinical situations that help people reach desired health outcomes”.

Music has been found to help reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and improve heart function. Yes! Even heart health! Dr. Levin from American Psychological Association supports this further, “We’ve seen evidence now that music can alter brain chemistry and even the production of cytokines, immunoglobin A, and other components of a healthy immune system”.

That is pretty amazing!

“Sound is an important and profound force in our lives. The more we exercise our sound processing in the brain, the better the brain becomes at making sense of sound and the world around us. Music does this more than any other sound”. -National Institute of Health


We have complied all the songs from the above list onto a Spotify The playlist name is Recovery- Fight like a Warrior !


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