Mind, Body, Spirit

A Whole Person Approach

We understand that addiction is a complex disorder, influenced by physiological, neurological, emotional and spiritual factors. Because it is rarely any “one thing” alone that prompts or sustains a substance abuse problem, our approach to treatment focuses on restoring the health of the whole person with careful attention to the dynamic interplay between our brains, bodies, and feelings.

We believe treatment is at its best when it helps to ensure not just abstinence, but freedom from the physical cravings, neurochemical imbalances, and unprocessed core emotional issues that so often lead to relapse. Our multi-faceted model of care starts clients on a road to happier, healthier, and more balanced lives in sobriety. 

Each component of BTG’s program compliments and reinforces the other, providing an integrated foundation for lasting sobriety and overall wellness.

The Mind

  • Education and living skills classes help clients understand core concepts such as the disease concept of addiction, stress management, and relapse prevention
  • Individual and group therapy sessions help clients explore the core issues underlying their addictions and develop healthy coping skills and emotional regulation
  • Neurofeedback provides a customized series of exercises that help rebalance brain waves and achieve more healthy, focused mental states

The Body

  • Intravenous and oral amino acid supplementation help to address chemical deficiencies that contribute to cravings, mood imbalances, and agitation
  • Balanced and nutritious low sugar meals combined with daily exercise help restore peak physical function and balance
  • Massage and accudetox help to reduce anxiety, pain, and many physical withdrawal symptoms

The Spirit

  • Meditation and Reiki help clients to achieve a sense of calm, centeredness, and peace while helping with stress reduction, relaxation, and energy renewal
  • Regular participation in 12 step meetings, spirituality group sessions, and sober activities helps clients achieve a sense of connectedness with self, others, and nature; and develop a sense of faith that is often compromised significantly in active addiction

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