Substance Abuse Treatment Using Integrated Modalities

Bridging The Gaps

We provide quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care for adults in need of substance abuse treatment.  For over 15 years, we have been helping individuals transform their lives. Health and happiness can be found free of drug and alcohol dependence.

We use an innovative approach that promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our programs combine proven effective psycho-social-spiritual therapies and 12 step approaches with some of the most progressive modalities available.

This combination restores physical and neurological health and enhances spiritual well-being.

The Mind

Education and Living Skills Classes help clients understand core concepts like the disease of addiction and stress management.

Individual and Group Therapy sessions help clients explore these core issues and develop healthy coping skills and emotional regulation.

Neurofeedback  allows clients to re-balance the mind and brain waves to achieve a healthy, focused mental state.

The Body

Intravenous and Oral Amino Acid Supplementation addresses chemical deficiencies that contribute to cravings, mood imbalances, and agitation.

Balanced Nutritious Meals combined with Daily Exercise help restore peak physical function and balance.

Accudetox and Massage help to reduce anxiety, pain, and many physical withdrawal symptoms

The Spirit

Meditation and Reiki help clients to achieve a sense of calm, centeredness, and peace while helping with stress reduction, relaxation, and energy renewal

Regular participation in 12 step meetings, spirituality group sessions, and sober activities helps clients achieve a sense of connectedness with self,  and others.

Our “treatment triad” of abstinence, therapy , and neurochemical re-balancing offers a broader range of recovery tools for individuals working to establish and maintain wellness, sobriety, and quality of life in recovery. Effective treatment demands the coordinated efforts of an interdisciplinary treatment team with collaboration from the client and his/her significant others. 

We are committed to integrating principles of Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Quality , and Professionalism into every activity and service provided.  To be effective in establishing long term, quality recovery, the management of the disease requires the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Each component of our program compliments and reinforces the other. This creates an integrated foundation for lasting sobriety and  overall wellness.

Our Beginning

Our story began with a simple idea. Substance abuse treatment can be improved because most “traditional” treatment models have been letting clients down for years. This idea was not a theory, but one man’s practical experience in his journey of recovery. His story inspired our approach and continues to fuel the boldness and vision that helps to set us apart.

Like many who enter treatment every day, BTG founder Stan Stokes knew that maintaining long-term sobriety would be a challenge, perhaps the most difficult thing he had ever done.  Additionally, he had high hopes that professional care and the investment it represented would prepare him well for the road ahead. The reality he encountered while leaving a 30-day treatment facility contradicted those hopes.

Laying a Foundation

Stokes was committed to his sobriety and practiced a dedicated program of recovery. However, he had strong physiological cravings that continued to affect him. He experienced mental and emotional highs and lows long after post-acute withdrawal symptoms should have subsided. 

These peaks and valleys caused him to seek relief in drugs and alcohol, sugary foods, or anything that helped level out the roller coaster he was on when trying to remain abstinent.

He knew it wasn’t for lack of effort or desire that he was on a rocky road full of slips and dissatisfaction. Rather, as an addict, he had a chemical imbalance, and it wasn’t being effectively addressed by anything he had learned or experienced in treatment.

Building a Bridge

As an intensely curious person and a believer in science and innovation, Stokes reached out to leaders in the medical field. These leaders recognized addiction as a disease of the brain that resulted largely from neurological “mis-firings” and chemical deficiencies. 

Through close collaboration with experts and a commitment to bring the best of Western science – and age-old healing practices like mindfulness meditation and Reiki – to the field of addiction treatment, Stokes designed a program that recognized the close, but often untreated, connection between our brains, bodies, and feelings. 

Final Step: “Bridging the gaps”

The result: a pioneering program that “bridges the gap” between traditional approaches that address only the psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction – and alternative therapies which treat only the physiological components of substance abuse. 

Draw on this legacy today, we offer high- quality treatment that treats the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

We Believe Banner for Teamwork and Corporate Culture at Bridging the Gaps

We believe in recovery

We believe in people and the power of change

We believe in putting clients first

We believe everyone should have access to treatment

We believe in compassion and its power to heal

We believe in innovation

We believe in treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit

We believe in what we do


  • “When I first arrived at BTG I was incredibly nervous. I had no idea what to expect since I had never been to treatment before. I came feeling like I had no future, and had no control over my life and my addiction. I had lost relationships, friendships, the trust of my friends and family, my dignity, and all hope that I could get my life back on track. However, from the first moment I arrived, everyone I met –from the staff and the counselors to other clients– was so supportive, kind, and made me feel at ease right off the bat. At BTG I was able to confront deep-seeded issues I had been avoiding for years within a supportive, therapeutic environment. The staff at BTG were incredibly knowledgeable about the nature of addiction and chronic illnesses. They went out of their way  to help me, listen to my story, and were instrumental in helping me rebuild my life. BTG gave me the tools I need to stay sober–tools that I still use today. I’ve been sober for over 3 years now, and would have never thought that my life could be as fulfilling as it is now. I have been able to rebuild my life and my relationships, and reach goals that I had thought were impossible. I owe so much of that to my time at BTG.” – LM, 28
  • “As a young person, BTG not only taught me how to stay sober, but how to assimilate into adulthood while keeping my number one focus on recovery. The practical tools and clinical advice they gave me has resulted in the best 4 years of my life, so far. I would recommend them to anyone who wants help beating their substance abuse issues.” – MB, 25
  • “The first time I stepped foot in BTG I was sick and scared. I was tired of living life the way I had been.  Through several months of treatment and with the help of both the treatment counselors and the residential staff, I was able to not only escape the grip of my addiction but to rebuild myself spiritually, mentally, and physically.” – WH, 39
  • “Sobriety is a lifestyle change and Bridging The Gaps showed me how to live my life in a new way. They taught me how to build a foundation, so later on I could be successful in my new and happy life. I appreciate everything they did for me and would recommend them to anyone who struggles with addiction.”  – IF
  • “When I came to BTG my addiction had taken everything from me and I just needed help. I didn’t realize the reasons I always wanted to use were issues within me that needed to be worked on. I would have never had a clue without the direction from the counselors at BTG. Before BTG I was hopeless and thought I couldn’t change, but I followed what the counselors instructed me to do. I can say it was by far the best decision I have made in my life because I have never turned back to my old lifestyle” – MM, 27
  • “I had been to some of the “top” treatment centers in our country and was unable to find long-term sobriety until I went to Bridging the Gaps. I have never felt the compassion and love that BTG promotes on a daily basis. Not only was the staff competent and caring, BTG promotes an environment of recovery among the clients in treatment. For me, success was found at BTG due to the unique therapies, small intimate setting, and true kindness from staff.” – AP, 26

Meet the Bridging the Gaps Management Team

Bridging the Gaps Executive Director Pam Reiman JD, LCSW, CAADC, CSAC

Pam Reiman

Executive Director
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Bridging the Gaps Admissions Director Sue Dennis

Sue Dennis

Admissions Director
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Bridging the Gaps Clinical Director Denise Reaves MSW, CAADC, LCSW

Denise Reaves

Clinical Director
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Bridging the Gaps Substance Abuse Counselor Bryon Powell MS, LPC, CAADC

Bryon Powell

Substance Abuse Counselor
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