Bridging The Gaps Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation!

Winchester, Va – June 30th, 2017- Having always aspired to excellence, Bridging the Gaps embarked upon the rewarding adventure of seeking CARF accreditation (“Commission On Accreditation and Rehabilitation Facilities”) – a credentialing entity that sets the “gold standard” for quality services yielding the “most favorable results for persons who are served”.

As a result of its diligent efforts, Bridging the Gaps received a three-year certificate of accreditation officially last June!

The CARF accreditation process focuses on ensuring not only that an organization meets the needs of the persons served and their families, but also that the agency remains dedicated to a continuous cycle of performance improvement.

Bridging the Gaps received accreditation for each of the levels of care offered including residential, day treatment and intensive outpatient services.  The agency continues to diligently work towards program performance improvement to ensure that services are continuously enhanced to better improve overall “customer satisfaction” with the care received.

How does an establishment become accredited?

Before an agency can be reviewed for accreditation status, it must assess its procedures and practices and ensure alignment with the CARF standards over a twelve month period.  Once deemed eligible for a site visit, CARF surveyors spend several days visiting and reviewing the Agency’s programming, policies, and processes.

The steps to achieve accreditation begin with an initial consultation. This is then followed by a self-evaluations and application to CARF, and finishing with a CARF survey which results in a final decision.

What purpose does CARF accreditation serve?

CARF signifies that the quality of services rendered is the top priority.  Adherence to the CARF Standards ensures a commitment to continuous improvement of systems and methods of practice so as to foster the optimum level of care for the persons served.

CARF is designed to support the long-term investment a business makes in taking measures to improve its operations. Ultimately, ensuring standards of operation translates directly into enhanced quality of care, both internally and externally.

The future of Bridging the Gaps and CARF

For roughly 2 years, BTG has been working alongside CARF to establish its universal standard of excellence.

Having achieved accreditation, the agency remains fully committed to the continued improvement process, relying on the guidance of a Quality Assurance Manager and formal Performance Improvement Committee.

Pam, Executive Director of Bridging the Gaps, describes BTG’s CARF accreditation as “a monumental achievement that confirms the passion and dedication the agency has towards its clients, families, employees and stakeholders.  The CARF process brought the entire staff together, uniting us in a common mission to establish that we are the best that we can be . . .”

CARF helps us to maintain the highest level or care which will continually to be carefully monitored and demonstrated by rigorous methodology in tracking outcomes. We will continue to offer our services to clients and families, optimized at the highest potential.

Not only is this CARF’s call to achieve and maintain the standards they institute, it is also our company’s mission to provide the best care for all of those we serve. By working alongside CARF we will continue to strive towards exceeding our potentiated future.

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