Bridging the Gaps Earns a New Certification

There’s a scene in the movie Home Alone, when Kevin McCallister asks a store clerk, “Is this toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association?”  When seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse disorder, a very fair question to pose to the providers you contact would be, “Is this treatment approved by the American Society of Addiction Medicine better known as ASAM and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities better known as CARF?” And should you call Bridging The Gaps, our Admissions Director, Sue Dennis, would excitedly answer, “Yes! Yes we are accredited by ASAM and CARF!”

On November 25, 2019, the staff at Bridging the Gaps was joining many of you in preparing for a celebration of giving thanks; and we had so much to be thankful for.  This was the day we received the letter of certification from CARF International stating that Bridging the Gaps is an approved provider for ASAM Level of Care 3.1: Clinically Managed, Low-Intensity, Residential Services.  Let’s take a closer look at what this really means for Bridging the Gaps, and more importantly, for the clients in our care.


The importance and meaning of this certification could easily get lost in the clinical jargon used to describe it, and even the title by which it is identified can be perplexing.  So it is important to us that we convey the significance of this certification and how it influences and validates the services we provide.  To us, this achievement meant two highly esteemed sources of accountability in our field of addictions and recovery treatment,  ASAM and CARF, saw our work, thoroughly reviewed it, and are willing to give us their seals of approval.  In other words, to us, this is a really big deal! 

BTG Executive Director, Pam Reiman, states, “Today’s addiction treatment landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by an industry focus on what constitutes best evidence supporting the highest quality of service delivery.  Keeping up with best practices is essential to driving our successful outcomes and meeting our aspirations to be the premium service provider in a very diverse environment.  The ASAM/CARF certification represents a seal of approval that we are meeting our mission to enhance the quality of our clients’ sustained recovery in accordance with our team’s vision and values”


The partnership between CARF and ASAM has produced this comprehensive credentialing process that takes us a step further in the development of quality assurance and provides for us an extra layer of accountability; taking into consideration many detailed aspects of client care.  

The synergistic alignment of the core values shared between BTG, ASAM, and CARF provide another layer of significance to this certification.  A top priority of BTG is to nurture a therapeutic culture with person-centered treatment as a cornerstone of programming.   Chris White, a BTG employee of five years and member of the clinical team states, “The CARF and ASAM certification means we are affirmed, validated, and identified as providing person-centered services.”  This means we value our clients as equal partners in treatment and decision-making.  This person-centered approach allows us to empower our clients as the experts of their own recovery journey through each element: assessment, treatment planning, re-assessment, and problem solving with respect for the client’s perspective and experience.


The preparation and application process for this certification made the outcome of this accreditation adventure even more satisfying.   Collectively our staff worked extremely hard to achieve this goal.  We did not mind the intensity of the work required however, because of the support this certification would bring to this work we so deeply love and validation it would provide to our core values that guide this work

BTG’s Quality Assurance Manager, Stef Durham, states, “The preparation was a rigorous and in depth process.  For me it was all worth it because I believe in the company and I see and know the care we are providing the clients is excellent.  This was a way to verify that excellence and show we are aligned with cutting edge and emerging standards and practices within Substance Use Disorder treatment.”  


Another remarkable aspect of this commendation that benefits the clients we serve is the trust that is consequentially gained from third-party payers.  Clinical team member Chris also notes, “This (certification) gives us more immediate credibility with insurance companies when advocating for our clients to receive funding for the care they need.”   The ASAM and CARF endorsement indicates to insurance companies and other third-party payer sources that Bridging The Gaps can be trusted to provide care that is effective and worth the investment of necessary funds.  This can provide life-changing relief to clients who desperately need to be engaged in good, transformational recovery work.  


Thinking of the big picture, our Quality Assurance Manager Stef, makes the connection for us between this intensive accreditation process and the long term goal of continued recovery we have for each of our clients.  She notes, “This certification gives credibility to what we get to see and facilitate every day!  The deep, therapeutic work clients engage in is thrilling to witness as they make emotional and behavioral changes that sustain their life of recovery.   Some of our long-term clients continue to stay engaged in treatment for over a year.  Getting to witness first-hand the difference in who they are when they walk in to treatment and seeing what they are doing in their life now; seeing them achieving their life goals is a gift.   That is why all of the hard work and preparation for this certification was more than worth it.” 


What was just described is why it is our joy to share with you this professional milestone in Bridging The Gaps history.  This achievement means so much more than certificates to hang on the wall.  It means we are trusted to provide excellent treatment services that are a part of this life-changing, recovery-sustaining work we are so extremely passionate about.

 If you have questions regarding this accreditation or are seeking help with your own recovery journey, do not hesitate to call 540.535.1111.  If we are not able to help you, we will work with you to find the appropriate treatment setting that will best meet your recovery needs. 

Make like Kevin McCallister and ask the recovery treatment facilities you contact, “Is this recovery treatment ASAM and CARF approved?”  We are and we are here to help.  The only thing bigger than our ASAM and CARF accreditation binder, is our heart to walk with you and your loved ones through this recovery journey with wisdom, integrity, and love. 

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