Introducing New Group for Family Members

“I wish there were something that would provide support as my loved one returns home.”

“I feel like I am just learning new tools, changing family patterns, and need ongoing encouragement.”

“My loved one is finished with residential treatment, and I feel like now is when I need support the most!”

You asked for more family support, and we heard you! 

Bridging the Gaps is addressing the on-going needs of families by offering a weekly 90-minute Family Aftercare Group. Our new group is available for families seeking support as their loved ones continue into early recovery having completed residential treatment. 

This group will offer family members who have already completed our Family Education Program an opportunity to continue supporting each other in an open-group format.  The group will also be available to family members of past clients who find themselves in need of additional support.

The difference between Family Education and our new Family Aftercare Group is the format of the group.  Now that families are acquiring some new skills, and continue to acquire them through community support groups, the Family Aftercare Group becomes a forum where members can actively engage with each other in a therapeutic support process, challenging each other to grow and change and stay in their own recovery process.

As an adjunct to other treatment the family may be seeking (Alanon, CODA, individual therapy), the Family Aftercare Group will focus on your family in recovery, but beyond that, you set the pace, and you bring the ideas and issues you want to work on. The topic will be…well…whatever you make it!

It’s no secret that families are affected in almost every way that addicts and alcoholics are with this disease.  It’s also true that when the family recovers together, the addict has a much greater chance of remaining in recovery.  More research studies are coming out each year to support this. (SAMHSA T.I.P. 39)

It’s also a welcome feeling knowing that one’s family is not the only one experiencing the feelings, the awkward communication, the need to form new and different bonds.

There will be a nominal fee for this group, as well as the possibility of insurance coverage.  Please contact Linda Wilk at 540-535-1111 or at for more information or to register for this group.  We’d love to have you!

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