Hitting the Reset on Life:

Coronavirus can be the pause you need to envision a new life in recovery

You have been gifted with a pause. There are few times in life when we come across an event that allows us to stop and completely re-envision what we want for our future. Coronavirus has given us a collective break to step back from work or commuting every day, and place our attention on other things. The question is: how are you utilizing this pause?

As we discussed last week, for some people the pandemic has created the perfect storm of extra time, extra cash, and heightened emotions which then leads to an increase in mental health concerns and addiction. Others will use this time to engage in their hobbies or start a new venture. Everyone will experience the time that they have been given in a different way, and we all get to choose how we want to respond.

The good news is that if you haven’t used this time in a constructive manner, it isn’t too late. You have an opportunity to view this moment in time as a semicolon. You are in the pause. You get to choose what follows. Addiction may be the story you have been telling with your life, but coronavirus could be the point that allows you to shift your focus and finish the sentence with a different ending.

As the country starts to open back up we are all considering what actions come next. We have choices to make about whether we will return to the job we had. We get to choose how we are going to engage with life moving forward. You also get to decide if now is the time to get treatment so that you can build a new life in recovery.

“Create your future from your future, not your past.” – Werner Erhard

Don’t get hung up in the excuses about why you can’t get clean or haven’t gotten clean. You get to dream a new future that is based on what you want rather than what you have been. Nurture that voice inside of you that is calling you to reach out for help. Now is the perfect time to go to treatment so that you can emerge from the pandemic with clarity and renewed hope for what your life can become.

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