Phase II

Addressing the Roots of Addiction

BTG’s Phase II is designed to build upon the knowledge, insight, and experiences gained during Phase I. In Phase II the clients therapeutically address their core issues associated with their disease of addiction.

Phase II includes the treatment modalities offered within Phase I as well as:

  • Psycho-educational sessions on core issues associated with the disease of addiction
  • 12 step meetings  and opportunities to go on off-site weekend passes to engage in sober activities with the recovery community
  • Spiritual retreats that provide the clients with the opportunity to solidify and internalize the insights gained in Phase II
  • Opportunities to implement the living and coping skills learned within Phase I and Phase II
  • Family conjoint sessions

In Phase II the clients work within the group and individual setting to therapeutically address the following areas:

  • addictive thinking and distorted thought processes
  • grief and loss
  • family of origin issues/codependence
  • risks of cross addiction
  • irrational core beliefs
  • boundaries
  • relapse process and prevention, warning signs, and triggers
  • anger management
  • trauma

Exploration of these different areas is done through the use of different theoretical orientations including interactive psycho-education, experiential exercises, transactional analysis, rational emotive behavioral therapy, role-playing, and use of dyads.