Registered Dietitian Enhances Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Bridging the Gaps

Nikky Hindle, Registered Dietitian

Substance Abuse Treatment Positively Impacted by Registered Dietitian at BTG 

Nikky Hindle, Registered DietitianBridging The Gaps welcomes Nikky Hindle, a Registered Dietitian, to the treatment team. Prior to becoming a Registered Dietitian, Nikky has always held a passion for fitness and nutrition. It was in her late teenage years that this passion was really ignited. She began to explore a career path for herself.

As a result, Nikky was led to Bridging the Gaps and became intrigued by the interdisciplinary approach. She liked the team oriented methodology to substance abuse treatment.

Nikky also supported the nutritional and fitness programming, and felt that with her background, she would be helpful in supporting Bridging the Gaps over-arching mission.

Furthermore, Nikky comes with extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of disorders in the recovering addict community. Some of the nutrition therapies include: post-gastric bypass nutrition, eating disorders, diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, and heart disease, among other diseases.

The use of the Registered Dietitians in addiction treatment centers is uncommon. Not many treatment centers are utilizing the skills of Registered Dietitians to enhance client recovery.

However,  increasing research suggests that Registered Dietitians offer many benefits to addiction treatment centers.

Nutrition and Addiction

Registered Dietitian Group Counseling

In looking at treating addiction and supporting recovery, nutrition began to grow as an area of interest in the mid 50’s, but had not really gained too much momentum until more recent years.

Nutrition education is extremely important in the process of recovery and addiction treatment, as it “is often instrumental in securing long-term success” according to research. There is an abundance of research that favors nutrition lessons, educations, classes, and individualize meal plans in treatment centers.

We have personally seen the positive benefits that our unique program has to offer clients. We support IV amino therapy in conjunction with nutritional supplementation and nutrition education, as an integral part to our client’s recovery process. This process is thereby, supported by the nutrition and physical activity element. Conclusively, all of these parts help heal one’s body.

Registered Dietitians in Addiction Treatment Centers

Registered Dietitian Individual Counseling

Gradually, nutrition education and counseling is becoming an emphasized part of substance abuse treatment programs. There is value added to programming as well as expansion of services in what is provided to clients.

Promoting the nutritional and physical wellness of recovering individuals is greatly impactful of their overall health and recovery progression. Just as there are individuals with diseases, such as heart disease, recovering addicts also must must learn how to better manage their diseases through nutrition and exercise. Same goes for the disease of addiction and other co-occuring diseases.

Registered Dietitians bring a unique set of skills, and expertise in various health disciplines. With addiction, this is especially helpful, as often times there are co-occurring disorders present.

For example, when a person gives up the use of a substance, disordered eating patterns can arise. Registered Dietitians monitor and guide individuals with this concern towards healthier eating habits and body image perception.

Gastric bypass, liver disease, heart disease, and hypertension are some of the other conditions that Registered Dietitians help clients to manage through nutrition and physical activity. It is important to moderate behaviors and not simply “treat” by way of medicine, but improve through lifestyle changes.

Registered Dietitian Group Kitchen Couseling

What We Believe

WE BELIEVE  that nutritional education is a key component in an individual’s recovery journey. Learning how to appropriately incorporate proper nutrition and self-care is something we emphasis. Clients learn how to budget, grocery shop, prepare foods safety, and plan meals.

All of the skills clients are taught are to help guide them in navigating life nutritionally once they acclimate themselves to the world outside of our total care.

With Nikky our Registered Dietitian, and Becca our Food and Nutrition Coordinator, clients are fully supported in their process.

Here’s to the future

There is a healthy and hopeful future ahead with Registered Dietitians in substance abuse recovery centers. While currently nutrition is not a standard in the majority of treatment centers, it is a standard for our programming because we have seen first-hand the positive results. We have seen just how much proper nutrition can change a life.

BTG is glad to welcome Nikky to the team, and looks forward to the future of optimized nutritional programming to better serve our community.

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