Sesame Street Speaks On Addiction

Last month, Sesame Street introduced a conversation that has become quite prevalent these days. Only, it may not be quite what you were thinking. The topic of discussion: addiction.

With the opiate crisis happening at alarming rates, as well as a mix of other drug and alcohol related incidences, it is only timely a topic like this would come. But in relation to children?

While preschool aged children may be a bit young to conceptualize the topic, the idea to open the dialogue is a good one. Children of addicted parents can often experience their own challenges and lack a basic understanding of what is going on in the world that surrounds them. Sesame Street is able to initiate an illustration that, with an adult, is hopefully easier for them to understand and relate to.

There are resources out there that can be helpful for families and children when faced with the disease of addiction:

This conversation can be relevant to children who may also relate to the dynamic in their own family or have friends in similar situations. While it may not be easy to talk about, it can be spoken on in the right context and time. Check out the New York Time’s  blog regarding this topic further!

Thank you Sesame Street for shedding some light on this topic! Check out the video below shared by NBC News.

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