Sober, local fun during the holiday months| Winchester VA

When the holidays can seem boring, look again

The holidays can be a challenging time for those in recovery. With festivities illuminating fun with drinking and drug use, it can be difficult to navigate. We have taken some time to compile some ideas within the local Winchester area. Places to visit, things to do, that are healthy, engaging, experiential and sober.

Community 7 days of the week

AA N/A meetings the day of holidays and every day of the week
AA and N/A meetings can be attended multiple times a day and every day of the week. Yes, even on holidays. So even if you do not have anywhere to be on Thanksgiving day, or Christmas, you can find support within your local AA/NA community.

Places to visit

Museum of the Shenandoah Valley
The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, showcases different exhibits throughout the year. Often the features include a beautiful mix of nature and art, interwoven with history.




 Handley Regional Library
Built in the early 1900s, it’s beautiful domes, detailed columned architecture, Handley Regional Library is a wonderfully crafted building that offers the community a quite place to learn, meet, and enjoy. They have programs for the children, books for all ages, and events for the community to attend.



Family Escape Room on the walking mall

Gather a group of friends or take some family members to the Escape Rooms on the downtown walking mall. The Escape Room features themed rooms which have various clues that you have to solve in order to “escape”. Figure out the clues, and beat the clock to escape the room!


 Skyline Laser Tag & Paintball Pro Shop

Enjoy a game of Paintball, or an indoor game of laser tag! They are open year round to offer endless fun and excitement! You have the option to choose between Laser Tag or Paintball. You can even choose to do both! 


Nature and Art

Shawnee Springs Preserve
In need of a nice historic stroll around with the Winchester area? Check out Shawnee Springs Preserve! It has nice, accessible walking trails, as well as historic sites including some elements of the Civil War.



State Arboretum/Blandy Experimental Farm
Blandy Farm in another beautiful arboretum full of plant life and nature. It is a wonderful visit, especially during the fall time and summer, with all the colorful foliage and flowers!



Eagle Point Outlook Winchester VA
Eagle Point Outlook provides some great overlooks into the Valley. You can choose between a 2 mile hike or a 7, depending on where you are comfortable to start from. There are many opportunities for photos along the way. So make a trip and take in the nature in all its seasons and colors!


Barns of Rose Hill

Recently remodeled, Rose Barn Hill displays some spectacular work of various local artists, hosts musical artists, and provides an aesthetically pleasing environment for its guests.


Third Battle of Winchester 

The Third Battle of Winchester is a nice preservation of land and history that spans a good bit of the valley. A great place to walk the dog, spend time in nature, and learn a little bit about the history of the area.


We hope that this list provides you with some sober fun activities that you can enjoy during the holidays, and throughout the year! Sobriety does not have to be boring, it simply calls for a shift in perceptive and lifestyle!


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