BTG Food & Nutrition

Rediscover Healthy Eating

At BTG, the food and nutrition program is centered on supporting the client’s recovery. We focus on developing a healthy relationship with food that will give clients a good foundation to build their health in recovery. This is important because not eating well can lead to not feeling well, which can lead to craving alcohol and/or drugs.

Our Food and Nutritional Program includes:

  • Weekly education sessions on topics including cravings, intuitive eating, the effects of sugar, healthy living, cleansing and digestion, budget-friendly nutrition in the real world, etc.
  • Weekly individualized nutritional counseling sessions with our trained food and nutrition coordinator that address the client’s unique needs and goals.
  • Hands-on exercises where the clients are guided in the process of planning for delicious and healthy meals, grocery shopping for nutritious foods, and preparing the meals
  •  Regular meals and snacks that are nutritionally sound provided for all clients. Appetizing, caffeine free and sugar free.

Hands-on Nutritional Exercises

We work to create a food experience that is safe, nourishing, and satisfying, and help clients understand how to nourish themselves to support their wellbeing in recovery. All of these nutritional sessions help promote the client’s ability to utilize these life skills throughout their recovery during and after treatment. The goal is to design experiences that inspire creativity and integration of proper nutrition in everyday life and increase the client’s awareness of the importance of appropriate nutrition in sustained quality sobriety.

Nutritional Staff

Nutritional staff work closely with our clients. Staff helps to monitor their eating habits, supports nutritional supplementation, as well as physical exercise. Clients learn about meal planning, nutrition education, as well as nutritional counseling.

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