Strong Ties with 12 Step Community

A Vital Foundation to Sober Living

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and life-altering disease often characterized by periods of relapse and remission. But, with proper treatment and a multi-faceted approach to recovery, countless individuals find lasting change each and every day.

For most, effective treatment is critical – but it’s only the first step in a continuing process of learning to live a sober and happy life.   At Bridging the Gaps, we are committed to setting all of our clients up for success. That means providing them with a range of knowledge, tools, and experiences that will afford them the best chance of maintaining sobriety.

A key ingredient to sustained abstinence for most individuals involves a system of ongoing support provided within the 12 Step communities. That’s why, in addition to our therapeutic modalities, we encourage clients to be actively involved in a 12 Step program.

Winchester has a large and diverse 12 step community that offers multiple meetings of the primary fellowships (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous) every day of the week. Residential clients are taken to daily 12 step meetings so that they can gain exposure to key concepts of the 12 step approach, become familiar with a variety of meeting formats, and have the opportunity to connect with people who can share their experiences and successes.  Outpatient clients are also encouraged to attend daily meetings.

In addition to making daily meetings a part of their sober schedule and routine, BTG clients are all encouraged to be active participants in the fellowship by obtaining a sponsor, building a sober support network, and engaging in sober activities outside of the treatment setting. Clients are given opportunities to connect with 12 step community members before and after local meetings, at community 12 step gatherings, and can host members of their sober support network at the residential houses for meals and socializing.

This exposure to elements of 12 step programs provides clients with a foundation that has helped thousands of individuals stay sober and successfully transition to a life of recovery after treatment ends.