Ever Say to Yourself, “I’ll Get Sober on Monday?”

Ever Say to Yourself, “I’ll Get Sober on Monday?”

Well, Guess What? It’s Monday!

It’s easy to say that you are ready to change, and so tempting to make your quit date tomorrow. Even better is to push your quit date until after the weekend – after the bender. You tell yourself you will use this one last time. And since it’s going to be the last time, then you should really get the most out of it. You promise yourself that this is it – the last time.

“I will quit once and for all on Monday.”

And Monday rolls around, and your resolve feels a bit weaker. You beat yourself up because you don’t feel well after a blowout weekend. Maybe you google “rehabs near me” and browse a website or two. Maybe you look up the local Where and When to find a meeting.

And then the doubt creeps in.

You have a million excuses why AA won’t work for you or why treatment isn’t an option. You start telling yourself that you probably don’t even need treatment, you can’t take the time off of work, it costs too much, you can do it on your own, your drinking or drug use isn’t that bad…

The week goes by, and maybe you stay sober for a few days, but before you know it you are right back in your habits; your patterns; your addiction. You are right back in a weekend bender.

What happened to that Monday promise? Where did your resolve go?

Instead of pushing that quit date until tomorrow, capitalize on your desire to get clean today. Of course you are going to have doubts and reservations because change is scary and overcoming addiction can feel impossible. Don’t let those doubts get in the way of taking the first step.

Our admissions counselors can answer your questions about whether insurance will cover your treatment and how to get time off of work. We can support you in asking for help from your loved ones. We will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know.

We know that you can’t do this on your own, and that’s why we’re here. We know the path to sobriety, and we will support you along every step of your journey.

How many Mondays are you get let pass you by before you take some action?

Maybe this is the Monday you keep your promise to yourself.

We’re waiting to hear from you. 540-535-1111

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