Wishing you safe and sober holidays

Wishing you safe and sober holidays

While the holiday season is among us, it can be a difficult time of year, especially when celebrations are often socialized with drinking and other risky behaviors. For those in recovery this can be challenging to navigate through.

This time of year can come with a lot of joy, festive gatherings, and time spent with family and friends. It can also be accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety as well.

While it may not be easy, here are some tips and tricks to remain happy, sober, and sane this holiday.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make a backup plan. Arrange transportation if you feel uncomfortable and desire to leave early.
  • Seek support. Check in with a sober friend  while you are at an event. Additionally, be up front with your family and friends, in asking for additional support as you need it.
  • Volunteer. During the holidays it can help reduce stress to give some of your time to help others in need! Volunteer at a nursing home, spend time at a local soup kitchen, or donate to a food drive!
  • You can say no. If you feel that a particular gathering will place your sobriety at risk, it’s okay to say “no, thank you.”
  • Take care of health. Eat healthily, exercise, sleep, and take time to take time to prioritize yourself.
  • Create traditions. Come up with new traditions that do not involve substances or alcohol. Go to the movies, visit a historic site, or drive around to see the lights!
  • Find a meeting to attend. Find an A/A or N/A meeting to go to before you attend an event, or after.
  • One day at a time. Take one step in front of the other, and one single day at a time.
  • Place your sobriety first!

Do not let the stress of the season contaminate your sobriety. For those in recovery, seek a supportive community that will foster growth and strength. We wish you a happy, sober holiday season!

You do not have to do this alone

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse this season, contact us. We are available 24/7 to assist you in finding the help you need.  Call (540) 533-1111.


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