Supporting Recovery Since 2000

Bridging the Gaps has been dedicated to providing individualized substance use treatment since 2000. We have dedicated ourselves to the mission of helping individuals find sustained sobriety and a productive, meaningful life free from the grasp of addiction. We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on the quality of care that we offer and the integrity and warmth with which we try to deliver it.


Bridging the Gaps is located in historic Winchester, Virginia.

We are within a 2 hour drive from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD and a 4 hour drive from Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia, PA.

Our Approach Makes Us Different


Devoted to optimizing recovery from the grasp of addiction through exceptional quality of care using integrated best practices. There is no status quo in our approach; our programs, facilities, and processes continuously evolve and improve to deliver the best care and quantified outcomes that we can provide.


Using an innovative approach that promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – our programs combine proven effective psycho-social-spiritual therapies and 12 step approaches with some of the most progressive modalities available to restore physical and neurological health and enhance spiritual well-being.

We have witnessed some amazing transformations and have come to believe in a number of things that help define our core values and our approach to treatment:

We believe in recovery and that it is magical and life-changing

We believe in people and the power of change that lives within each them

We believe in putting clients first and we strive to provide the best care with dignity and respect

We believe everyone should have access to treatment

We believe in compassion and its power to heal even the deepest wounds

We believe in innovation and are constantly evolving in order to positively impact the lives of those we serve.

We believe addictions treatment should target and support the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

We believe in what we do – it’s value and critical importance – and can’t think of anything else in which we’d rather invest our time, energy, and spirits.

Passion, Commitment, Healing

We provide quality, compassionate, and comprehensive care for adults in need of substance abuse treatment.  For over 20 years, we have been helping individuals transform their lives. Health and happiness can be found free of drug and alcohol dependence.

We use an innovative approach that promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our programs combine proven effective psycho-social-spiritual therapies and 12 step approaches with some of the most progressive modalities available. This combination restores physical and neurological health and enhances spiritual well-being.

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The prestigious College of Nursing and Health Professions of Drexel University recently featured Bridging the Gaps in a hallmark documentary. The collaborative endeavor between Drexel’s Department of Complementary and Integrative Health showcases the diverse ways in which we approach treatment with our clients.

Meet Our Talented Team

Introducing Winchester Virginia’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment professionals, committed to your enduring recovery success. Bridging The Gaps’ outstanding team of caring professionals consist of experienced and dedicated people committed to providing the highest level of care to individuals struggling with substance abuse.

We utilize a team approach to ensure a safe, confidential, and comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment experience. Each and every member of our team have been background checked and undergo an intensive training in order to assist each client on their own unique path to sobriety.

Pam brings to her position an exuberance that comes from the joy she receives in working with both the clients and the staff in their joint mission to overcome the ravages of addiction and realize the goal of wellness.

Executive Director

Sue has been with BTG almost since its inception. She joined our treatment team after more than 20 years in the medical field. As Admissions Director, Sue is usually the first point of contact for potential clients and their families.

Sue Dennis
Admissions Director

Denise  has a passionate belief in healing through natural and integrative approaches. She brings to the clinical team her enthusiasm for experiential learning to facilitate personal growth.

Denise Reaves, MSW, LCSW, CAADC
Clinical Supervisor

Bryon has a diverse personal and professional background which he draws upon when working with clients. Bryon’s professional interest resides with the relationship between trauma and addictions.

Bryon Powell, MS, LPC, CAADC, CCTP-II
Clinical Supervisor

Suzy believes strongly in the integrative and holistic approach to addiction treatment that BTG utilizes and considers it to be instrumental to the successful recovery of the clients.

Suzy Bales
Operations Manager

Ashley joined BTG in 2020 following a decade of correctional nursing and 3 years managing an outpatient substance abuse clinic. She loves supporting the BTG staff in providing quality care to those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Ashley Jones, LPN
Nurse &  Quality Assurance Manager

Stef joined BTG in 2018 after a long background of working with diverse groups of people through animal assisted therapy. She loves BTG’s integrated healing approach and feels honored to support the team.

Stephanie Perkins
Clinical Administrative Manager

Chris joined the residential team in 2014 before transitioning to the clinical team. His previous experience includes years of helping alcoholics in recovery and serving on the board for Lord Fairfax Council on Alcoholism.

Chris White, BS, CSAC, QMHP
Qualified Mental Health Professional

Timothy is committed to the BTG mind-body-spirit philosophy & approach to addiction treatment. He is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with those seeking recovery.

Timothy Bambara, MA, MAC, QMHP-T
Substance Abuse Counselor

Rebecca firmly believes in BTG’s innovative and individualized approach to healing addiction.  As a Master of Social Work student, she brings passion and commitment to supporting clients on their path to recovery.

Rebecca Mitchell, BA, QMHP-T
Substance Abuse Counselor

Sarah passionately believes in recovery and that the power to change lies within each of us. She is proud to be learning an integrated, holistic approach with BTG and is currently working towards her CSAC certification.

Sarah Carter, BS, QMHP-T
Clinical Intern

Kian feels a sense of hope when another person suffering from addiction realizes there is a solution.

Kian Banks, MS, QMHP-T
Substance Abuse Counselor

Heather strongly believes in BTG’s holistic approach to substance abuse treatment and is committed to providing exceptional care to each client on their road to recovery.

Heather McPherson, MA, QMHP-T, CSAC-A
Substance Abuse Counselor

AnnMarie is excited to be part of a community of people working to better help those who are dealing with addictions through a diverse approach. She supports the clients through neurofeedback and art therapy.

AnnMarie Timbrook, QMHP-T
Case Manager

Natalie has a strong belief in the importance of good nutrition when it comes to healing the mind and body.  She loves BTG’s holistic approach and is excited to be a part of the team.

Natalie Lorusso
Food and Nutrition Coordinator

Melanie is excited to play a role in our clients’ recovery journey through neurofeedback and to be a part of a team that is committed to an integrated approach to treatment.

Melanie Roberts
Neurofeedback Technician

Bio coming soon!

Scott Ottolini, MD
Attending Physician

Bio coming soon!

Patrick Ober, PA
Physician Assistant

Paul has a strong commitment to helping others & a belief in the miracles of recovery. He enjoys seeing first-hand the profound individual transformation that occurs with BTG’s integrative approach to treatment.

Paul Brown
Client Support Specialist

As residential staff, Patty works closely with the clients to ensure they are provided with a safe, supportive, and healthy environment. She is passionate about helping the clients and supports them on their recovery journeys.

Patty Ridgeway
Client Support Specialist

Cathy completed nursing school in 2002 and loved her career in nursing. She was drawn to BTG because they use nutrients, acudetox and nutrition to help in recovery, not one drug to fix another drug problem.

Cathy Colvin
Client Support Specialist

Pattie greatly enjoys working at Bridging the Gaps. Her love of people is what drew her here, and she greatly enjoys working with the clients. She loves to help people and see them reach their optimal potential.

Pattie Gilbert
Client Support Specialist

Picture and bio coming soon!

Nancy Brockway
Client Support Specialist

Ayanna is a CNA who loves working with people & feeling like she makes a difference, even if it’s something small. She loves working with the clients because getting to know them & seeing their progress brings her much joy.

Ayanna Johnson
Client Support Specialist

Bio coming soon!

Lenora Richards
Client Support Specialist

Becky began working for BTG in November of 2017. She previously advocated and supported adults with disabilities one on one with their employment needs in all employment environments.

Becky Jenkins
Administrative Assistant

Cary has worked at BTG since June 2016. He has an extensive background in the maintenance field and also retired from the Navy. As maintenance staff, Cary monitors and maintains daily functions of all of BTG’s facilities and vehicles.

Cary Troxell

Dez joined BTG in 2020.  Her experience includes employment as a Custodial Supervisor for a facility for adults with disabilities. As housekeeping staff, Dez ensures all BTG houses and office spaces are cleaned & sanitized daily.

Dezarai Gilbert

Rodie is working to become a therapy dog. Though he is not yet credentialed, he is the official greeter you when you come through the door.

Therapy Dog in Training

Our History and Commitment

Our story began – and lives on today – in pursuit of a simple, but slightly revolutionary, idea: that substance abuse treatment can be better and that most “traditional” treatment models have been letting clients down for years. This idea didn’t come out of theory, but one man’s practical experience in his journey of recovery. His story inspired our approach and continues to fuel the boldness and vision that helps to set us apart.

Like many who enter treatment every day, BTG founder Stan Stokes knew that maintaining long-term sobriety would be a challenge, perhaps the most difficult thing he had ever done.  But he also had high hopes that professional care – and the investment it represented – would prepare him well for the road ahead.  The reality he encountered after leaving a traditional 30-day treatment facility contradicted those hopes.

While Stokes was committed to his sobriety and practiced a dedicated program of recovery, strong physiological cravings continued to affect him and he continued to experience mental and emotional highs and lows long after post-acute withdrawal symptoms should have subsided.  These profound physical, neurological, and dispositional peaks and valleys caused him to seek relief, sometimes in drugs and alcohol, sometimes in sugary foods – anything that helped level out the roller coaster that he felt like he was on when trying to remain abstinent.  He knew it wasn’t for lack of effort or desire that he was on a rocky road full of slips and dissatisfaction. As an addict, he had a chemical imbalance, and it wasn’t being effectively addressed by anything he had learned or experienced in treatment.

An intensely curious person and a believer in science and innovation, Stokes reached out to leaders in the medical field who recognized addiction as a disease of the brain that resulted largely from neurological “mis-firings” and chemical deficiencies.  Through close collaboration with experts and a commitment to bring the best of Western science – and age-old healing practices like mindfulness meditation and Reiki – to the field of addiction treatment, Stokes designed a program that recognized the close, but often untreated, connection between our brains, bodies, and feelings.  The result: a pioneering program that “bridges the gap” between traditional approaches that address only the psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction – and alternative therapies that treat only the physiological components of substance abuse.  We continue to draw on this legacy today, offering high- quality treatment that treats the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Our vision is getting to the roots of addiction and building a bridge to wellness.