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When searching for a residential treatment program, it’s important to find a treatment facility that meets your needs.  Oftentimes, people struggling with substance abuse have a number of distractions in their life that might lead them back to addiction.  Fortunately, our Residential Treatment Center in Virginia is equipped with all the tools to give you the best opportunity for long-term sobriety.

At Bridging the Gaps, we understand how important a high-quality facility is.  We understand no two patients’ mental illness and substance use disorders are the same.  In order to receive the quality care you deserve, we treat our patients individually with the utmost care.

Drugs and alcohol should not control your life.  If you or a loved one struggles with substance use and is experiencing emotional or behavioral issues, consider Bridging the Gaps to help you get your life back.

Structure, Supervision, and Support

The structure provided within residential treatment is very beneficial to clients and provides much-needed stability. The residential environment also offers 24/7 supervision and support, ensuring that all of the client’s individual needs are met.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff encourages and motivates our residents on a daily basis. Most of our residents develop a strong bond of trust with our team and feel more at ease knowing they have constant individualized support.

Residential Treatment Options and Modalities

By carefully tailoring treatment plans and programs to individuals, it allows them to receive treatment that’s most useful for their needs. Our treatment modalities and mental health services give the patient the tools necessary for life post-treatment. Our treatment options at BTG include:

Community Living

Another benefit of the BTG residential environment is that clients can learn to live as part of a sober community. Addiction is often a disease of isolation, so having community support is essential to the healing process. There is always someone there to help you within the residential setting – either staff or sober peers.

The beautiful serene setting of Shenandoah Valley allows clients to focus on their recovery while achieving spiritual and emotional well-being.  Within the tranquil self-reflecting environment, members become a part of a tight-knit community part of people with a common goal — recovery. 

Our rehab center will have support groups that care for your well-being.  The friendly small-town atmosphere gives the individuals going through treatment at BTG to learn and connect with one another.  Our location also allows clients to gain a strong foothold in 12 step programs and networks by attending local meetings during their time in treatment.

Freedom from Daily Stressors

The BTG residential setting also offers opportunities to develop and practice living and coping skills within a safe and supportive environment. Many people find the break from everyday stressors a significant bonus of engaging in residential treatment. 

Freed from the obligations of work, school, and other stressors, an individual in residential treatment can focus entirely on healing their mind, body, and spirit.  Being in this environment truly allows the individual to grow as a person.  

A residential treatment facility provides a safe, effective, evidence-based care for individuals to overcome substance abuse and mental health issues. By being in a residential treatment program, individuals have the opportunity to leave their daily stressors and focus on themselves.

Support in Transition to Independent Living

When the client is assessed as ready, Bridging the Gaps supports transitioning slowly to more independent living to ease any difficulties the client may encounter.  Each client is guided on an individualized taper from the structure of the residential treatment setting to promote maintained abstinence and relapse prevention.

We offer an environment where residents achieve a more independent form of living than is possible in other settings.  It is the perfect chance to pursue therapeutic treatment and work toward their road to recovery.

Convenience and Support

Ensuring that clients are safe and happy is our first priority, and our experienced, compassionate residential staff is on duty 24 hours a day in our early recovery houses to provide specialized care and support, as well as attend to personal and transportation needs.  A member of our clinical team and our lead physician are also on-call around-the-clock to attend to any issues or emergencies that may arise.

Our Residencies

All of our residences provide a well-appointed, relaxed and comfortable environment so clients can enjoy the comforts of home while working on healthy both physically and mentally.  Clients can prepare meals, work on therapeutic assignments, enjoy sober activities, and bond with their peers. Telephone and television time are provided on a structured basis to Phase I and II clients.

Drayton and Sharrett Houses, primary residences for early recovery clients, and Hamilton House, our structured sober living facility for longer-term clients, provide all of the typical home features, including:

Sense of Community and Togetherness

All aspects of the residential experience at BTG are designed to be calming, comfortable, and community-focused.   From our picturesque surroundings in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley to our fully-appointed residences, the environment at BTG is designed to remove the stressors so common in daily life and promote a sense of peace. This serene and supportive atmosphere allows clients to focus on the work of their recovery, while achieving spiritual and emotional healing.  Within this tranquil and self-reflective setting, clients become members of a tight-knit recovery community where they engage in daily and house-related tasks as a team, help to both encourage and hold one another accountable, and grow to be invaluable personal supports for each other on their journeys to recovery.

Friendly Small Town Atmosphere

Our treatment facility and client houses are all centrally located in historic Winchester, Virginia. The oldest Virginia town west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Winchester is rich in heritage and natural beauty. Winchester is a vibrant and beautiful small town boasting centuries-old buildings and architecture, diverse dining and charming shopping locales, and conveniences typically found in much larger metropolitan areas.

Just a few hours driving distance from major Mid-Atlantic cities, the Winchester area is an outdoor and nature enthusiast’s dream, and our clients enjoy top-notch hiking and wilderness experiences on retreats and weekend outings. Home to a long-standing and large community of recovery, our location also allows clients to gain a strong foothold in 12-step programs and networks by attending local meetings during their time in treatment.

Virginia Residential Treatment Center at Bridging the Gaps

Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff encourages and motivates our residents on a daily basis. Most of our residents develop a strong bond of trust with our staff and feel more at ease knowing they have constant individualized support.

Our facility’s experience gives you an individual approach to having the best chance for a healthier and happier life. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about residential treatment centers in Virginia at Bridging the Gaps.

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