Insight to BTG's Yearly Highlights

Annual Reports

Our Mission

Bridging the Gaps is devoted to optimizing recovery from the grasp of addiction. We customize our approach to ensure comprehensive, compassionate, conscientious treatment that is focused on healing the entire person; our external accreditations provide the foundation for consistent quality client care and stability in how we operate day to day.

Measure and Monitor

To ensure consistent quality client care, we are dedicated to improving our ability to measure and monitor client response to treatment. We believe that measuring client outcomes will help us to:

  1. Improve our practices
  2. Better inform of our clients’ treatment
  3. Communicate with stakeholders

Every year, Bridging the Gaps publishes in-depth information summarizing the past year’s accomplishments and highlights. Included in the report are details about the number of individuals and families served over the year with the intention to determine program elements that differentiate our integration of treatment modalities from others within the industry. Our annual reports are available to download by clicking on the file below.