Our Family Therapy in Virginia

Addiction affects the entire family. Seeing a loved one go down the path of addiction can often leave the family with fear, frustration, and confusion. With Bridging the Gaps’ Virginia family therapy treatment program, your family will learn to heal and to help one another.

Our mental health professionals and family therapists teach various coping strategies and communication skills to move past frustrating dynamics. You and your family have been affected by addiction, and our qualified family therapists are here for you. Contact us today to talk about how we support your whole family through the recovery process with our Virginia family therapy. 

Substance Abuse and Family Therapy

Substance abuse has a major effect on family relationships. At Bridging the Gaps, we work towards repairing family relationships while creating a strong and trusting atmosphere. Our Family Education Program is built to foster healthy relationships and assist the individual recovering from addiction.

Our ultimate goal is to address the needs of the family members whose loved one is recovering from substance abuse. One of the primary challenges of substance abuse treatment is turning the focus from the individual to the entire family, and Bridging the Gaps does precisely that. We help families understand their own needs while providing natural healing for individuals. By focusing on the family system, we help to ensure the continued recovery of each individual. Studies are showing that when the whole family is engaged in treatment relapse for the individual addict is reduced by at least 16 percent.

Support and Guidance for Family Members

Addiction does not only affect the client in treatment; it touches every member of the family. The family’s support and engagement in their recovery process is also vital to the client’s ability to maintain long-term sobriety.

That’s why we offer multiple opportunities for the family to engage in their loved one’s treatment while building a system of support and growth for themselves. Our staff educates and encourages family members in understanding the impact addiction has had on their loved ones and themselves. Meanwhile, we support approaches that will allow the entire family to move forward in a healthy and supported direction. We teach reflective communication that moves families from reacting to responding and helps family members to better hear each other.

Whether you are a spouse, family member, or other loved one, treating the family dynamics of addiction is essential to the healing process. Our family program is designed to meet the individual needs of all family members and help them in their recovery and growth process.

As a first step, family members are invited to join our Family Education groups held on Saturday mornings. We are meeting on a secure telehealth platform for your convenience and safety. Family education is a great way to learn more about addiction and gain support from other families who are experiencing similar challenges. Our education sessions are led by a dedicated family therapist who is available to support you throughout your loved ones’ treatment and beyond. Additionally, as the residential client completes treatment, family members have the option to continue to an aftercare group, just as their loved one will.

Our Admissions Director is Here to Guide You

At Bridging the Gaps, we strive to make the admissions process easy to understand and stress-free. We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions. We know that choosing the right treatment for you or your loved one is a big decision.

We look forward to answering your questions – all calls are confidential.

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Family Systems Therapy of Substance Use Disorders

Our family program is delivered within the context of the Bowen Systems model of Family Therapy. In this model, as demonstrated in Family Therapy and the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: The Family, by Melody Bacon, we find an innovative, evidence-based approach that helps affected family members move past enabling and reacting. Throughout family therapy members learn to be a part of a collaborative recovery team with their addicted loved ones and affected families.

Family systems therapy of substance use disorders equips family members with the tools they need to better understand their loved ones and the disease of addiction. Meanwhile, they develop positive coping strategies and work together as a cohesive unit. By working together, family members can create an atmosphere of transparency and accountability. This ultimately reduces the risk of a loved one’s relapse and promotes long-term abstinence.

Key components of our family program include:

Individual Treatment

Individually tailored treatment services that can include both educational and therapeutic sessions.

Family Education

Families meet through a convenient, secure telehealth platform to learn more about addiction through their peers and community.

Regular Communication

Regular phone and email communications from a credentialed clinician to provide updates on client progress and support in navigating issues or potential challenges.

Psycho-Education Sessions

Weekend psycho-education sessions for family members that address the disease model of addiction, healthy boundaries and communication, codependency, shame cycles, grief and loss, and other critical topics.

Conjoint Therapeutic Sessions

Conjoint therapeutic sessions with the client and family members to facilitate healthy communication, overcome resistance to change, help family members interact positively, and help the client meet their treatment objectives.

Improving Communication

Sessions focus on improving communications, identifying and changing unhealthy patterns, restoring appropriate roles, and enhancing conflict resolution skills.


Family Aftercare groups so that families can continue to support each other as their loved ones and they continue in recovery.

Informational Packets

Family information packets derived from the Family Education sessions, to allow the family to continue to digest the large amount of information dispensed and to ask questions as needed.


All family members are encouraged to attend Al-Anon and other similar family 12 step program meetings to support changes to the family system on-going.

Family Sessions

Group family sessions led by a credentialed clinician. Here families can create their own support system of people in similar situations, share their joys, and help each other cope with any challenges they face.

Virginia Family Therapy with BTG

Our facility’s experience gives you a family approach to addiction recovery.  Choosing addiction treatment with Bridging the Gaps means your family will receive a program that cares for you.   

We understand that no two families’ situations are the same.  With various therapeutic modalities offered, individuals and their families will receive the best opportunity for a stronger and healthier family relationship.   Learn more about family therapy in Virginia by contacting us today.