Family Therapy for Addiction in Virginia

Family Therapy for Recovery

At Bridging the Gaps, our family therapy for addiction in Virginia is an effective way to help those struggling with substance abuse find hope and healing. It can provide a safe space for family members to come together and talk openly about their experience with the addiction, as well as develop strategies for helping their loved one get on the path to recovery during his or her treatment program.

How Addiction Affects Family Members

When a family member is struggling with addiction, the effects can be felt by everyone in the household. It can lead to feelings of fear and helplessness for parents, siblings, or other relatives who are unsure how to help their loved ones. Addiction can affect family members in many ways, including:

  • Feelings of guilt, anger, and resentment
  • Financial strain from addiction-related medical bills or other expenses
  • Loss of trust in the person with an addiction
  • Difficulty communicating with the addicted family member and other members of the family
  • Increased stress levels for all involved

Codependency in Families with Addiction

Codependency is a common issue among family members of those with addiction. It refers to unhealthy attachment, often in the form of enabling, within relationships between two people where one person feels emotionally responsible for the other’s well-being.

In families affected by addiction, it is not uncommon for codependent behaviors to arise as parents and siblings try to protect their loved ones from harm or worse. This can lead to strained and unhealthy relationships that can further exacerbate the situation.

What is Family Therapy for Addiction?

Family therapy for addiction is a type of counseling that brings family members together to strengthen their relationships and support the person with an addiction. It offers each family member a chance to work through any unresolved issues, learn communication skills, and help their loved one find sobriety.

What is the Goal of Family Therapy for Substance Abuse?

Our ultimate goal of family therapy is to address the needs of the family members whose loved one is recovering from substance abuse. One of the primary challenges of substance abuse treatment is turning the focus from the individual to the entire family, and Bridging the Gaps does precisely that. We help families understand their own needs while providing natural and holistic healing for individuals.

Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction

Family therapy can help those with addiction to get the most out of their treatment program. It is also beneficial to the family members, who will gain a deeper understanding of the loved one’s challenges and learn healthy ways to support them during recovery. The benefits of family therapy for addiction include:

  • Creating a safe and supportive environment for each family member to express their thoughts and feelings about the addiction.
  • Developing better communication skills within the family.
  • Identifying triggers that could lead to relapse and finding ways to cope with them.
  • Learning how to provide support without enabling the addiction.
  • Encouraging family members to take care of themselves and practice self-care.
  • Teaching family members to set healthy boundaries with their loved ones struggling with addiction.

Our Virginia Family Therapy Services

Whether you are a spouse, family member or other loved one, treating the family dynamics of addiction is essential to the healing process. Our family program is designed to meet the individual needs of all family members and help them in their recovery and growth process.

What is the Goal of Family Therapy for Substance Abuse?

As a first step, family members are invited to join our Family Education groups held weekly. We are meeting on a secure telehealth platform for your convenience and safety. Family education is a great way to learn more about addiction and gain support from other families who are experiencing similar challenges. Our education sessions are led by a dedicated family therapist who is available to support you throughout your loved one’s treatment and beyond. Additionally, as the patient in our residential treatment center in Virginia completes treatment, family members have the option to continue to an aftercare group, just as their loved one will.

How Family Therapy Works at Bridging the Gaps

Our family program is delivered within the context of the Bowen Systems model of family therapy. This approach is based on the idea that family members are connected to each other and have an impact on one another’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through this innovative and evidence-based model, our therapists help families to identify patterns of communication within their dynamics and foster healthier relationships with one another by moving past enabling and reacting.

Family Therapy for Addiction FAQ

Family members have a vital role to play in the recovery process. They can provide emotional support and understanding, encourage positive behavior change and help to create a safe and sober environment. While it is important to be supportive, it is also essential to set boundaries and hold loved ones accountable for their actions, which is learned during family therapy.

Addiction is a powerful disease that changes the brain and affects behavior. Substance use can become an unhealthy coping mechanism for feelings of shame, guilt, and pain. Many people struggling with addiction are unable to see beyond their cravings and may begin to prioritize drugs or alcohol over family relationships. It is important to remember that this behavior is not intentional and that addiction can be treated with the help of support from family and treatment professionals.

Family therapy is an essential component of addiction treatment and has been proven to be effective in helping to heal the relationships within a family system. By addressing communication, roles, and patterns that have developed over time, families can learn better ways to support their loved ones in recovery while also taking care of themselves.

Get Started with Holistic Family Therapy at Bridging the Gaps

At Bridging the Gaps, our mental health professionals and family therapists teach various coping strategies and communication skills to overcome frustrating dynamics. If you and your family have been affected by addiction, our qualified family therapists are here. Contact us online or call (540) 535-1111 to talk about how we support your whole family through the recovery process.

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