Choosing the Best Rehab in Virginia

Choosing the Best Rehab in Virginia

You’ve decided to seek rehab in Virginia. That’s great! Making the decision to get help isn’t always an easy one. 

It was a difficult decision to make and will remain a difficult decision as you maneuver your way through the challenges of finding sobriety. However, nothing is more rewarding than reaching the end of your program and discovering yourself once again. This is your moment to start fresh and create a new life for yourself.

Finding the right center for you is a big decision to make.  Therefore, choosing the right rehab center will take some looking into. There are many wonderful rehab facilities in Virginia to choose from. But, how will you know if you’ve found the right Virginia drug rehab center? 

Continue reading below for all the helpful tips you need to know to do just that. 

Types of Programs Offered

One of the first things to consider when deciding on a rehab center is its services. What types of programs does the center offer? Do they offer the program you need to better yourself?

Make sure to check into the different types of programs that each center offers. You want to find a facility that provides both residential and outpatient programs

Residential Programs

A residential program provides 24/7 supervision. There will always be someone there to help support you along your journey when you choose a residential program. As time passes, residents build bonds with the staff and know they have individualized treatment while there. 

You’ll also benefit from the amazing variety of sessions available when choosing a residential treatment center in Virginia.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are an excellent choice for those looking for a more cost-effective option. Outpatient programs are also more flexible, which may be a better option for many. As an outpatient program attendee, you’ll receive effective treatment without causing much of a disturbance in your everyday life.

You’re also able to stay in your own home while receiving treatment. When deciding to go with an outpatient treatment program, you’ll have three different options at Bridging the Gaps. 

  1. Partial Hospitalization
  2. Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  3. Continuing Care

Your unique needs will determine what type of option is best for you. Staff at the treatment center will help you make the best decision for you. 

Type of Specialization Offered

After speaking with several different rehab centers, ensure you know which ones offer specialized care and which ones don’t. Centers that provide specialized care are a wonderful option. When you’re able to receive treatment that’s specialized to help your specific needs, you’ll see results.

There are no two people with the same trauma, same mindset, or reasons for choosing drugs. Everyone has a unique story, and that’s why everyone deserves treatment tailored to them. 

What specialized care does the center offer? How will they determine what type of care or treatment plan will be best for you?

Ask these questions before making a final selection. 

Type of Therapy Options Offered

Because there are so many different therapy options available, everyone can find what works well for them. A great step to take is to do some research about the different types of therapy. This can help you determine the different styles that you believe might be beneficial to you.

You can then take this information to the rehab center and speak with them about what you’ve discovered. A rehab center with ideal programs will offer you a variety of therapy choices. After meeting with a therapist on-site, they’ll then be able to go over different therapy options with you.

From there, the two of you can then come to an agreement about what would work best. 

Type of Amenities Provided

One factor to consider when making a decision is the type of amenities the center provides. Keep in mind that all centers will offer their own unique amenities and environment. When choosing a center, you want an environment that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable so you can focus on improving your physical and mental health

What do some of the homes include for long-term patients? Some amenities to consider are as follows:

  • Homes with bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities in the home
  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Outdoor living areas

Those are just a few amenities to ask about. Remember, you’re going to want to find a place where you can feel at home. You should also ask about different sober activities that allow you to engage with other residents and build friendships and companionship. 

Length of Programs Offered

The most common program lengths are 30, 60, or 90 days. There are also other length options to choose from. A typical program may last between 45-120 days, but your program’s actual length should depend on how you progress through your individual recovery.

This is something you should discuss with the treatment center before choosing them. If you’re only given a couple of definite options without flexibility, then you should consider looking into other available options. Finding a treatment center that wants to tailor to your specific needs and work with you is the best decision. 

Have You Decided on a Rehab in Virginia?

The first step in your road to recovery is deciding to seek treatment. Be sure to use the helpful advice listed in the guide above to help you select the right center for you. 

At Bridging the Gaps, we’ve been supporting healthy recoveries since 2000. We make it our mission to help all patients break free from the chains of addiction. Contact us today to get started.

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